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There are many Futures Trading Platforms available today. Some of the Futures trading platforms are execution only and some come with Futures trading charts. Some of the cheaper or free Futures Trading Platforms only come with delayed quotes and are not real time.

Ideally you want to find a Futures Trading Platform that is free, comes with good execution, a good data feed, both fast and reliable and a good charting package. If you do find a good Free Platform, make sure you aren't over paying on the execution of the Futures and Commodity contracts to make up for the cost of the platform.

We feel the Futures and Commodity Trading platforms on this website are a good mix of platforms and have real time streaming data and either come with charts or have Futures Trading charts as a third party add on software.

If you would like a demo of any of our Futures Trading Platforms or more information about Futures Trading Platforms website please send us an email at 

What to look for in a Futures Trading Platform:

* A reliable Futures Trading Platform

* A good Futures trading data feed

* Support for the Futures Trading Platform as long as the Futures markets are open. 

* A Futures Trading Platform that can be customized to fit your trading style.

* The Futures Trading Platform needs to handle different types of orders, like OCO and Bracket orders as well as have stops and trailing stops.

* If you want to program trading strategies, does the trading platform give you a simple front end to set up Futures Trading strategies.

*Do you need Futures and Commodity trading charts and does the trading platform come with the trading charts for free.

*What type of add on programs can integrate with my Futures and Commodity trading platform.

*Is the data feed a real time streaming data feed.

* Does the Futures trading paltform offer any add on programs to help with Futures and Commodity trading.

If you need any help in choosing a Futures and Commodity trading platform you can email us or fill out our contact us form.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading Futures and Options can be substantial. Futures and Options trading may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should carefully consider the risks in light of your financial condition and trading objectives before deciding whether to trade. It is possible to lose more than the initial investment. The risks must be understood prior to trading.

 Futures Trading Platforms is a deep discount online Futures, Commodities and Options Broker. We offer multiple Futures and Commodity trading platforms with real time streaming quotes and charts. We accept individual, joint, Corp., IRA, and Institutional accounts.

Call our Futures and Commodity Trading brokers to find the correct trading platform and setup.

Futures Trading Platforms is a deep discount Futures Trading Broker with very low rates and intraday commissions.