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Ninja Trader TT

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Solutions for the Active Trader

As Futures and Commodities active trader, the trading tools you select will have a dramatic impact on your success. Significantly enhance your trading efficiency through NinjaTrader’s powerful array of analytic tools, innovative trade management features and industry-proven order execution capabilities.

  • Real-time Decision Support and Analytics
  • Multiple Order Entry Screens
  • Advanced Trade Management
  • Advanced Charting
  • Powerful Real-time Scanning
  • Trade Performance Analysis
  • Automate trade execution with TradeStation or eSignal
  • 3rd Party Add-ons
  • Free for analytics and trade simulation

A few of the many trading tools NinjaTrader provides

The NinjaTrader SuperDOM is a proven success with traders around the globe. Easily place orders and modify orders with a single click of your mouse or semi-automate trade management with our exclusive ATM technology. The NinjaTrader has highly visual order and position display with many user controlled options such as price rows, colors, and more. The SuperDOM has quick order entry, exit, and scaling buttons with intelligent bracketed OCO orders on entry and while scaling in and out. If the timing of your entries and exits are critical, then the NinjaTrader SuperDOM is a must-have.

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) gives the trader a dramatic trading advantage by allowing them to implement rules and conditions for comprehensive semi-automated trade management. These user-defined strategy templates are what allow NinjaTrader to think like you, but act much faster. They remove emotion from your trading, which promotes discipline and consistency. The net result is less stress and more profitable trades. There is no limit to the number of ATM strategies you can deploy simultaneously.

Imagine being able to react to the Futures and Commodities market instantly by placing orders and managing trades directly within a chart. At your discretion, extend the functionality of NinjaTrader charts by enabling direct chart trading. Enter, modify and cancel orders directly in a chart. NinjaTrader charts contain user-definable color and line-style options, can use ATM strategies, monitor position size, average entry price and real-time P&L.

The Market Analyzer window is a turbo-charged quote sheet with multi-instrument real-time scanning and analysis with access to over 100 pre-built indicators and data columns. You can monitor a multitude of instruments tick by tick, ranked and sorted based on your personal preferences. NinjaTrader’s Market Analyzer can sift and scan through multiple instruments in real time, showing you the data you want in a way that allows you to react to the market quickly and efficiently. Real-time Rule-based Color Coding & Alerting allows you to dynamically change color based on user-defined conditions and create rules that trigger audio and visual alerts.

Imagine replaying the exact moment in time you entered your trade and watch the chart as the trade unfolds during your nightly trade review. Was your exit decision sound and did you follow your trading rules? NinjaTrader’s market replay allows you to record and replay multiple markets simultaneously at any time in the future and you can run multiple charts in different time frames with synchronized order windows. Market replay is an invaluable educational tool that can help accelerate the continuous learning process of trading.

NinjaTrader understands that in order to make split-second decisions, it is imperative that your trading platform effectively deliver and visualize market information. NinjaTrader provides leading-edge tick-by-tick decision support tools, giving you the power to understand market dynamics so you can take action. The NinjaTrader platform was specifically developed around the needs of the active trader and is now recognized as the industry benchmark for order entry and trade management. NinjaTrader has achieved this market-leading position by providing highly intuitive user interfaces that increase your ability to execute efficiently and accurately at times when precision thinking is critical. NinjaTrader has also excelled in the area of trade management with its innovative Advanced Trade Management (ATM) technology, which protects your open positions through user predefined strategies that include stop loss and profit target brackets, trailing, breakeven and simulated stops, and much more...

Automated Futures and CommodityTrading

NinjaTrader provides you with the capability to automate your trading strategies whether they were developed natively using NinjaScript™ or in an external application such as TradeStation or eSignal. For the highest possible performance, construct and test automated strategies using NinjaTrader’s own NinjaScript™. You can develop, backtest and automate NinjaScript™ strategies, and with NinjaScript™ your strategies run natively for ultimate performance. Exchange-native order handling and immediate stop loss and profit target order submission allow you to develop advanced trade management rules. You also have full end-to-end strategy development and testing tools.

  • Automate a TradeStation strategy in minutes without any programming
  • Custom EasyLanguage DLL functions for higher level integration
  • Route signals to multiple accounts with independent order quantity multipliers

No matter if your preferred trading environment is a custom-developed application, a popular charting application such as TradeStation or eSignal or another favorite application; you can use NinjaTrader to automate your trading.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading Futures and Options can be substantial. Futures and Options trading may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should carefully consider the risks in light of your financial condition and trading objectives before deciding whether to trade. It is possible to lose more than the initial investment. The risks must be understood prior to trading.

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