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Ninja Trader provides an API for all your Automated Futures and Commodity trading

Develop Automated Trading Strategies with Ninja Trader

For the highest possible performance construct automated trading strategies using our C# based NinjaScript ® .

Develop Automated Trading Strategies
  • Point and click construction for non-programmers
  • Advanced C# development using NinjaScript ®
  • Over 100 pre-defined indicators

Analyze Automated Trading Strategies

Test performance both historically and in real time.

  • High performance backtesting
  • Walk forward and genetic optimization
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Real time simulation testing
Strategy Analyzer

Execute Automated Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader is brokerage independent providing you choice no matter what you trade, where you trade or how you trade.

Execute Automated Trading Strategies
  • Flexible and robust deployment options
  • Choice of brokerage
  • Real time simulation

Process Trading Signals from External Applications

Use NinjaTrader to automate the execution of trading signals from your favorite application.

  • Route orders from TradeStation to your broker (no programming required)
  • Route orders from eSignal to your broker
  • Multiple interface options such as File, DLL and .NET

Ninja Trader Simulated trading is an integral component of the trading education process. Ninja Trader understands this so they provide you with multiple options to learn how to trade and test your trading ideas without risking any money.

Live Real Time Trade Simulator

Paper trade your ideas or simply sharpen your trading skills.

Trade Simulator
  • Full order and account simulation
  • Trade both live & simulation accounts concurrently
  • Realistic order fill algorithm

Market Replay

An invaluable educational testing tool.

  • Record today and playback in the future
  • True tick by tick replay at user defined speeds
  • Replay multiple markets simultaneously
  • Free recorded data for popular futures contracts
Market Replay

Simulated Data Feed with Trend Control

Market data simulation for controlled trade idea testing.

  • Excellent for testing automated trading strategies
  • Trend control for manipulating market direction
  • Excellent tool to learn the NinjaTrader trading platform

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading Futures and Options can be substantial. Futures and Options trading may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should carefully consider the risks in light of your financial condition and trading objectives before deciding whether to trade. It is possible to lose more than the initial investment. The risks must be understood prior to trading.

Ninja Trader API for Automated Futures and Commodities Trading.


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